Bus 99 Express

Bus 99 Express runs between Nice Airport & Nice-Ville central railway station.
The fastest way to connect to the rail network.


BUS 99 Express

Nice AirportGare Nice-Ville


Where to catch bus at the airport

Bus 99 stops at Terminal 1 (Bus station-Platform 1) and Terminal 2 (Bus station-Platform 4).

Tickets & Fares

Bus 99 Express single journey fare = €6.
A single journey ticket is valid for unlimited travel on all local services for 74 minutes (excluding a return journey).
Tickets can be purchased at the airport or directly from the driver.
Ticket windows are opened daily 08:00-19:30 at terminal 1 (bus station Exit A0) & terminal 2 (between Exits A2/A3).


Bus 99 Express operates every day (except 1st May), with departures every 30 minutes.
Average journey time is 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Bus map & Schedule