Bus 250 AirportXpress

Bus 250 AirportXpress runs between Nice Airport & Vallauris via Villeneuve Loubet, Biot, Antibes, Juan les Pins, Golfe Juan.


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Nice Airport[icon type=”icon-arrows-ccw”]Vallauris via Villeneuve Loubet, Biot, Antibes, Juan les Pins, Golfe Juan


Where to catch bus at the airport 

Bus stops at Terminal 1 (Bus station-Platform 6) and Terminal 2 (Bus station-Platform 1).

Tickets & Fares

Single journey fare 
Adult = €11.
-12 = €5.
Tickets can be purchased online niceairportexpress.com, at the airport or directly from the driver.
Ticket windows are opened daily 08:00-19:30 at terminal 1 (bus station Exit A0) & terminal 2 (between Exits A2/A3).


BUS 250 AirportXpress operates every day, with departures every 35 minutes.
Average journey time is 20-25 minutes for Villeneuve Loubet ; 40-45 minutes for Antibes ; 45-50 minutes for Juan les Pins ; 55-60 minutes for Vallauris, depending on traffic.

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