Bus 52

Bus 52 runs between Nice Airport, Nice-Station J.C. Bermond & Les Pugets.


BUS 52

Les PugetsNice AirportNice-Station J.C.Bermond


Where to catch bus at the airport

Bus 52 stops at ″Aéroport-Promenade″, close to terminal 1 (via Exit A1).
Not recommended if you are travelling to-from terminal 2!

Tickets & Fares

Single journey fare = €1,50.
A single journey ticket is valid for unlimited travel on all local services for 74 minutes (excluding a return journey).
Tickets can be purchased from the driver (no ticket sold at the airport for this route).


Bus 52 operates every day (except 1st May), with departures every 15 minutes.
Average journey time is 18 minutes to Les Pugets ; 27 minutes towards Nice-Station J.C. Bermond, depending on traffic.

Bus map & Schedule