Airport shuttle between terminals & remote car parks


Terminal 1[icon type=”icon-arrows-ccw”]Remote Car Parks[icon type=”icon-arrows-ccw”]Terminal 2

The airport shuttle bus connects terminals 1 & 2 and the remote car parks, daily from 04:30 to 00:30, every 5-10 minutes.
Free service, accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Terminal 1 (Bus station)[icon type=”icon-right”]Parking P8[icon type=”icon-right”]Parking P4[icon type=”icon-right”]Parking P6 + P9[icon type=”icon-right”]Terminal 2 (Porte A2)[icon type=”icon-right”]Parking P6 + P7 + Cargo[icon type=”icon-right”]Parking P4[icon type=”icon-right”]Terminal 1 (Bus station).

See the airport shuttle route, the different stops and the necessary travel time :