Nice Airport

Nice Airport by Tram (Line 2)

Tram Line 2 links the airport terminals with Nice-City Centre and Port Lympia.
An efficient budget transportation !
Free service between Terminal 1 <> Terminal 2 <> Grand Arénas.

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Tram 2 operates every day except 1st May, from 05:24 to 00:15 with departures every 8 minutes.
Average total journey time is 30 minutes.

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Tickets & Fares

Fare €10*
A single journey ticket is valid for unlimited travel on all local services for 74 minutes.

You can buy ticket at vending machines located on tram platforms or at the airport ticket counters :
Terminal 1 (bus station Exit A0) & Terminal 2 (between Exits A2/A3).

* The airport vending machines only sell return tickets charged €10.
You can travel for free between terminals 1, 2 and Grand Arénas station where tickets are available for sale at the standard price (€1.70)…

Where to catch the Tram

There are two stops at the airport : Terminal 1 (Exit A0) & Terminal 2 (Exit A2).

Warning, on your journey to the airport Tram 2 has two possible destinations…
Please check the digital head sign banner on the front of the tram to make sure the route is ″Aéroport″.

Nice-Ville train station (also known as Gare Thiers)

Use the ″Jean Médecin″ underground tram station, about 800 meters on foot from the railway station.
If you don’t want to walk, take Tram 1, on the surface, between ″Jean Médecin″ and ″Gare Thiers″ (1 stop).

Nice-St Augustin train station

Use ″Grand Arénas″ station located about 600 meters on foot from the railway station.
Information St Augustin train station