Tram Line #2 links the airport terminals with Nice city center.


Nice AirportNice-Port Lympia


Where to catch the tram at the airport

Tram 2 stops at Terminal 1 (Exit A0) and Terminal 2 (Exit A2).

Free service between terminal 1, terminal 2 and ″Grand Arénas″ station.
On your journey to the airport, warning, Tram 2 has two possible destinations, please check the digital head sign banner on the front of the tram to make sure it is the Route you wish to board ″Aéroport″, not ″CADAM″.

Tickets & Fares

Single journey fare = €1,50.
A single journey ticket is valid for unlimited travel on all local services for 74 minutes (excluding a return journey).
Ticket windows are opened daily 08:00-19:30 at terminal 1 (bus station Exit A0) & terminal 2 (between Exits A2/A3).


Tram 2 operates every day (except 1st May), with departures every 6-10 minutes.
Average journey time is 24 minutes.
Outside the tram operating hours please use Bus Aéroport Direct (formerly Bus 98).

Tram map & Schedule